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Image from page 743 of "Arboretum et fruticetum britannicum, or : The trees and shrubs of Britain, native and foreign, hardy and half-hardy, pictorially and botanically delineated, and scientifically and popularly described ..." (1844)

Hmmm to do my taxes today or shitpost.

*weighs his options*

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Remember, that there's something called "active rest".
Going out to the park can be such a thing.
Or reading is also recommended. I also assume that coloring falls into this area.

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Heisenberg, Schrodinger and Ohm are in a car. CC @lmorchard

well, RAID *implementations* rather. mdadm, ZFS, btrfs

Researching RAID levels on a random Sunday.

As one does

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Doing adventofcode in rust this year. I've moved past the "what the f is this" phase straight into "oh yeah that is the wrong type TOO, let me fix that" land

So, I made an IFTTT action that sends me an email when a new version of Mastodon is released:

CC @Gargron

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Really excited about the upcoming Advent of Code ( Started doing 2015 puzzles in Ruby. Looking into Go or Rust or JS for 2017

Listening to a Billy Joel concert and either that makes me fucking weird or it's kind of epic, I haven't decided yet

The other day I played a classic gameboy version of Tetris on a 4k television, because this is 2017 and might as well rub it in

I have this pattern of signing myself up for the Goodreads reading challenge for way more books than I will actually read 😂

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OMG I am on Mastodon 2.0 and I don't know how to handle the awesomeness :p

*wants to go home*
*rain is starting to pour down heavily right that second*

Guess not