@debugninja I bought one of these before, and the irony was not lost on me

@mpjgregoire Nice promote of @artbot "I post public domain images of fine art. For any questions, holler at @fred "
I've followed it. Perhaps it will add a little balance to my online life. botsin.space/@artbot/106151333

Hm I need to figure out how to properly repost something from twitter over here. Was there a proxy that does this?

I feel like I should set up my mastodon instance in a way that's like "configuration as code" in Chef of Ansible or something and not just however I can nail it together, ummmmm

@bkastl es ist ein besonderes Talent etwas manuell zu tun und es wie einen Bot aussehen zu lassen ;)

@bkastl interessantes Thema!

Frage: postest du das automatisch oder manuell? Ich habe mal drüber nachgedacht mein Goodreads direkt nach masto zu Posten..... Hmmm

@fortune that's oddly comforting, and I am not even an amphibian

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