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Take a second to look at the wonders of the universe

I've never seen someone as disappointed as my mom when my parents came to see my apartment and I had to do some laundry and she realized that I don't use fabric softener

as seen elsewhere:

"Quick! While the government is shutdown, let's all switch to metric."

Man is @artbot ever underappreciated. Only 12 followers? Come on people, this is fine art!

I present to you my newest creation, @wouldntbot , telling you about all the things you wouldn't do that are just as bad as watching movies on tiny CRT computer screens.

I'm making the best Masto bot of my long and exciting career as a Mastodon bot maker

"International Street Art" is also really cool. Just pictures of street art with background music. 4k.

Found some cool shows on Netflix that are just artful pictures and music and no talking... Great for background while working.

Moving Art has breathtaking video scenes of nature. 4k HDR.

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Morning routine: figure out what color my unicorn should have today (it is red right now)

hey all.i do commissions and I have an Etsy store if you want to see it. I paint landscapes, abstracts, wildlife and other stuff

So what kind of solution does one use for connected light switches that does not turn my entire home into a wifi-connected botnet and/or make my lights not turn on when the manufacturer goes out of business?

I am tired, I forgot all about how tiring work is come rescue me

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