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As this blood moon is occurring, here's something to consider. The Moon is 1.3 light seconds away from Earth. That means, if you shine a laser pointer at a mirror on the moon's surface, it will take 2.6 seconds before you see the laser pointer back.

All of the planets of the solar system can fit, to scale, end to end, between the Earth and the moon. It took the Apollo astronauts 3 days to get to the moon--flying at 7 miles per second.

Gonna share a few more of my (mostly classic) movie ratings as I'm watching things!

Oh oh. I am almost out of Norwegian gin

Which region on the globe shall the gin be from in the martini I am about to have 🤔

Es ist #100JahreFrauenwahlrecht. Würde das so großspurig gefeiert werden wie zum Beispiel das Lutherjahr 2017 gäbe es sogar einen Feiertag.

Aber Prioritäten und so. Große Männer und so 🙄

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