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Today I tried to set up cross-compiling for mastodon on my windows machine (because it's much stronger than my linux webserver) and failed before the server was done... ooooops

I bought a fake xbox-360-like controller with USB recently and it totally works to just plug into my PC and play things like stardew valley with .... yesssssss

Just upgraded my asset server (mastodon images) to cloudflare and it's so much faster than my application server. I don't know why I didn't do that for so long

I am not entirely sure why I installed Firefox Nightly on my new computer. Not like I need to file bugs on that anymore...

I could so something productive.

Instead I chose to map a Game Boy Color Barbie game.

Why on earth does mastodon's "docker-compose build" build node from scratch... There's really no recent binary package available?

I don't know what I was thinking, wanting to debug a serviceworker

how do you all have your Mastodon dev environment set up? Lots of dependencies I'd rather not install directly on my box. Do you use vagrant? docker?

German: Dogenpalast in Venedig Venice: The Doge's Palace and the Molo

second half of 18 th century
Francesco Guardi

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