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Mr. Fred ๐Ÿ‘พ

Excited for Mastodon 2.0

Because I am a nerd like that

Chicago beat the Stillers

Well that's rather unfortunate now isn't it

Terrified, I just realized that I'm writing more JavaScript and Ruby nowadays than Python

Though maybe I'll make a Vesper instead.

Which, really, is just a fancy martini anyway.

But so so good.

Time to pour a martini, isn't it?

Things I'd say to 15 year old me. Show more

Badly describe one of your favourite video games Show more

Badly describe one of your favourite video games: Kid puts on football helmet and runs away at night Show more

By the way is what I've been messing with. My buildings don't make any sense and I need ideas what else to build. How do other people deal with that? Hmmm

Saturday, time to release some software!

Heh so I guess switching to Preact for the license isn't such a concern anymore:

by which I mean, in the last 2 minutes

I haven't shitposted in a while

If everyone reading this toot gave me $100,000, I would be a millionaire in an hour.