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Excited for Mastodon 2.0

Because I am a nerd like that

Chicago beat the Stillers

Well that's rather unfortunate now isn't it

Terrified, I just realized that I'm writing more JavaScript and Ruby nowadays than Python

Though maybe I'll make a Vesper instead.

Which, really, is just a fancy martini anyway.

But so so good.

Things I'd say to 15 year old me. Show more

Badly describe one of your favourite video games Show more

Badly describe one of your favourite video games: Kid puts on football helmet and runs away at night Show more

By the way is what I've been messing with. My buildings don't make any sense and I need ideas what else to build. How do other people deal with that? Hmmm

Saturday, time to release some software!

Heh so I guess switching to Preact for the license isn't such a concern anymore:

If everyone reading this toot gave me $100,000, I would be a millionaire in an hour.

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